The robots of Electric Circus look truly lifelike and are moved by remote control: a technique borrowed from the film-industry known as "animatronics", now mostly replaced by computer-animation.
The use of animatronics in theatre and street performances is not done very often and produces a surprising effect. The player/operator and the robot mix with the unsuspecting crowd, from there - mostly unnoticed - the robot is operated using the remote control.

This allows the arising of fascinating interactions. Despite the success of this technique, Electric Circus is experimenting with something new! In the new project 'Headspace' operation will be replaced by programming. The wires of the puppet were previously replaced by the waves of radio control, now the puppets will be completely free from the operator and will independently move! In fact they are only real robots than, capable to respond autonomously.

work in progress: Project Headspace


At the moment we are working on: Project Headspace

'Project Headspace provides space for new thoughts'

Just like you get a new haircut at the hairdresser, you get a new head at Project Headspace. You put a head on, like a large space helmet. The head closes of sound and light.
A spectacle begins ... right on the skin, full of little details. A spectacle performed by a machinery of images and sounds, lifelike puppets and optical illusion. Everything that's presented, is really there, live, 3D, no screens no recordings. The viewer can drift away on this new thought, just for a minute or so..

playing and experimenting


This little drawing machine makes, at a snail's pace, patterns in the sand, endlessly.

The haunted chandelier

this chandelier seems to become alive. It starts spinning and the flames grow higher and higher. Which results in a hypnotising spectacle of flames in different shapes and colours.


An experiment with hydrogen gas in a 40-meter-long sausage holly ... to test the propagation speed of the flame. Which turned out to be a dazzling 7000 km/hour.

moped experiment:

a super-efficient engine on lightweight bike; this vehicle should run for 500 km on 1 liter of petrol

The haunted chandelier:
a sculpture of moving fire

balancing with hydrogen

pancake machine:

a machine that bakes pancakes and spins them around. the machine doesn't really makes it more easy..more fun though!

water bearing

natural environment around the workplace

making of ...

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