Headspace is a installation with mechanics and puppets being controlled fully automatic.

One person of the audience can take place in a large head, by putting it on like a large helmet. For two minutes, he / she is immersed in a mechanical spectacle which can be experienced in an intimate and personal way. The installation is ongoing, the public can take turns into one of the four heads.

The concept is to provide a quiet little space for the public, for a moment blocked of of the outside world. Opportunity for a meditative and entertaining experience where anything can happen. Everything there to see and hear is really present, right in front of one pair of eyes.

No screens or projection are used in the heads, in contrast to the everyday life where a lot is only experienced on a screen. Mobile phones can not come inside, it's an real-time-experience only... inside Headspace.

Electric Circus has always worked with puppetry combined with mechanics and electronics. So-called animatronics, usually used in the film industry. By creating street performances with this, a diverse audience can enjoy this specialized form. In Headspace Electric Circus is using programming, this is a new technic for them and this creates completely new possibilities...

Headspace is created together with Rolf Meesters.