Whilst the hairdresser gives you a new haircut, this 'Headspace' provides you with a new head. When you put the head on like a large helmet, you are engulfed in serenity and stillness.
Then a mechanical spectacle unfolds, entirely automated and for your eyes only...
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Mono the Monkey

Mono the monkey
'Mono' is a little circus monkey that looks very alive. He jumps and screams, rides a bike, makes a musical performance, does his tricks....
But above all this little monkey is able to touch young and old right in the heart! more about Mono the Monkey

Dirk the homeless robot

Dirk homeless robot
'Dirk' is the first robot that is walking around freely on the streets, festivals and events. He has already had many human adventures in his relatively short life.
People use him as a companion to confide in, accompany him for a while or give him a spare coin. He even got arrested in a German shopping centre..
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